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Welcome to the GH Tutor Certification Training Program!

Tutoring has been regarded as a quick fix, emergency aid to those who do not do well in class. Oftentimes, the need of a tutor is recognized when the student has failing marks. Worse, the tutor is hired a week or the day before the test schedule which makes the tutor’s job very hard to turn things around. Some parents think that when the need for a tutor arises, the teacher has failed in her job. This may be true to a certain extent; however, in a classroom set-up where the teacher-student ratio is 1 to 20 or more, the teacher faces the challenge of catering to different learning styles. The value of a tutor is actually reduced to that of a helper, something short-time to address immediate needs such as completing a project, answering homework, or preparing for a test. It is not recognized as a profession as anybody can be a tutor.

GH introduces the GH Tutor Certification Training Program intended to provide tutors the knowledge, skills and attitudes to conduct the tutoring profession effectively. It is composed of three levels namely the Basic Level, Advanced Level and the Master Tutor Level. This will help equip the tutor with the tools that will allow them to effectively deliver the lessons tailor fit to the unique needs of every student.

Objective of the Program

Because in GH we value the tutors most, it is necessary to have a set of objectives that needs to be accomplished at the end of the training. Here are the objectives of the GH Tutor Certification Program:

To provide the standards by which tutor performance can be measured. It provides concrete proof that the tutor has received training. This also lessens or prevents student-tutor conflict.

To help tutors understand foundations and principles of tutoring, assessment tools, online learning and learning management systems among others.

To provide tutors with relevant, targeted tutoring skills. This enhances the credibility of the tutor and the tutoring program which gives confidence to students and parents that their tutors are equipped with the necessary skills in undertaking the tutoring profession.

To provide pride and professionalism in the tutoring industry. Training and certification foster a professional attitude among tutors and students. This will make the tutors take their jobs more seriously.

To provide a credible accomplishment that tutors can place in their resumes which therefore improve their ability to seek future employment.

To motivate tutors to perform better because of the certification which recognizes their role as a professional.