Is it true that some people are born with superior math intelligence? Do some people have an advantage over others? And conversely, are some people at a disadvantage when they have to solve mathematical problems?

Most people equate mathematical ability with intelligence. If you are able to do the different mathematical operations in your head in less time than your friends can take their calculators out of their bags, they will most likely believe that you have superior intelligence.

The difference between high achievers and low achievers is not the brain that they are born with but with how they learn to use it. High achievers use better strategies than low achievers.

Greater Heights Educational Solutions Speed Math will address the problems that students and parents are having with Math. The GH Speed Math is a program that teaches you better strategies and methods that you probably have not learned in school.It follows the principle that the easier method you use to solve a problem, the faster you will solve it with less chance of making a mistake.

The GH Speed Math aims to introduce mental calculation techniques that will improve concentration, develop memory and enhance the ability to retain several ideas at once.

The benefits that you or your child can get out of this program are incredible. As math impacts our everyday lives, there are many practical uses of mental calculation. Whether you are in store, in a basketball game, or in a room taking a test, you need to make quick calculations. Learning these techniques does not only give you confidence in your mental faculties and problem-solving abilities but more importantly, it boosts your self-esteem.